No More Sleepless Nights for You Or Your Toddler

As an educated, successful professional, you're used to being at the top of your game. But ever since your toddler was born, sleepless nights have left you exhausted, overwhelmed, and just trying to survive each day.

You desperately want your child to develop healthy sleep habits. But despite your best efforts, bedtime is still a battleground of cries, negotiations, and middle-of-the-night wakings.

It’s time to stop that guilty feeling and find the peace that a good night’s sleep can bring. There IS a solution. We can work together to create a customized approach that works with your toddler's needs and your busy lifestyle. 

In just a few short weeks, we can have your child sleeping soundly through the night, allowing you to reclaim those precious evening hours and be the parent you aspire to be.

Don’t Choose Between Being a Parent & Being a Professional
Let’s Help You Do Both!

My customized program focuses on connection, ensuring both you and your toddler feel loved, attached & well-rested. Through an educated & loving approach, we will:

  • Learn the science behind your toddler’s sleep cycles and how to work with (not against) their natural rhythms
  • Implement Step-by-step techniques to help your little one self-soothe and sleep longer stretches
  • Learn how to establish a consistent, predictable bedtime routine that sets your child up for success
  • Introduce Ways to gently but firmly handle middle-of-the-night wakings so everyone gets rest
  • Use validation and empathy to address the fears behind bedtime struggles
  • Employ positive reinforcement to help your child learn to self-soothe to sleep
  • Equip tools to deal with nap challenges, early risers, and all the other sleep surprises toddlers throw our way

My methods are evidence-based and completely customized for your family. Don't spend another night lying awake, dreading tomorrow. Reach out now to learn more about my sleep and parent coaching program.

The first step is a free 30-minute call with me to discuss your family’s needs. Let’s work together so you and your toddler can both thrive.

Work With Dr. Sarah

Meet Your Parenting Coach Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Dr. Sarah found her passion in empowering parents to teach their little ones to sleep and parent confidently day and night as a sleep and parenting consultant. She coaches parents through sleeping, breast and bottle feeding, and adapting to life as a parent with her evidence-based and mindful approaches.

A chiropractor by training and a certified lactation counselor, she's also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Helping Babies Sleep Method: The Art and Science of Teaching Your Baby to Sleep. She’s a member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and holds a coaching certificate through the NLP Institute of California. She works with busy parents who want to optimize health and sleep from the 2nd year to 4th year and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Since 2013, she's helped thousands of families be confident, loving, attached, and well-rested.

Work With Dr. Sarah

Virtual Consultation

Toddler sleeping.

Just because toddlers need sleep, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them to sleep! Helping a toddler learn how to sleep through the night, adjust to a bed instead of a crib, and get comfortable with a new sleep schedule can be a massive challenge. Thankfully, you don’t have to face it alone. With this virtual consultation program, you’ll gain access to a childhood sleep and parenting expert who can answer your most pressing questions and address your most frustrating issues. I’ll be right there with you to monitor your progress and make any adjustments as needed!

Price: $1,597

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Who it's for

Any parent who wants to help their toddler get more restful sleep on a consistent basis.

What You’ll Overcome

Common toddler sleeping problems like irregular naps, nap resistance, night waking and not staying in their own bed all night long.


Better sleep, happiness, and wellness for your little one and whole family. Regain your confidence by successfully helping your toddler get the sleep they need without the fuss.

Work With Dr. Sarah

Daytime Visit

Toddlers take cues from your behavior and your home environment. The good news is that you can take action to help them become a more independent and restful sleeper as a result. By scheduling a daytime visit with a childhood sleep and parenting expert, I’ll evaluate your sleep environment and family interactions to help you optimize them for healthy sleep habits. I’ll help you make key alterations that will defuse sleep-related tension and allow your toddler to achieve peaceful rest now and in the future.

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Who it's for

Any parent who wants to improve their parenting skills, their child’s sleep environment, and build better sleep habits ASAP.

What You’ll Overcome

Eliminate arguments with your little one, help them adjust to a new bed and bedtime routine, and prevent irregular sleep patterns that negatively affect everyone under your roof.


First hand advice and support from an expert who will help you build a custom sleep plan for your family.

Work With Dr. Sarah
Newborn sleeping

Start Your Journey with Dr. Sarah Mitchell

    If you currently live in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, San Jose and surrounding areas, I would love to learn more about your needs and how I can help through a 20-minute introductory call. During our consultation, we’ll pinpoint your family’s biggest obstacles, and I’ll share my proven process for helping you finally get the sleep, feeding, and life you deserve.

    The time for sleepless frustration is over - it's time to rest, recharge, and be your best.

    Work With Dr. Sarah