The Helping Babies Sleep Method: The Art and Science of Teaching Your Baby to Sleep.


An In-Depth Guide to Mastering the Art and Science Behind Healthy Childhood Sleep Habits.

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Setting the Record Straight on Sleep

The Helping Babies Sleep Method is the perfect resource for any parent who’s tired of sifting through contradictory information online and who wants a real Action Plan that will help them teach their little one good sleep practices. Though sleep is a biological function, getting to sleep –– and staying asleep –– are learned skills. The Helping Babies Sleep Method provides clear sleep instructions and advice for parents of babies aged 0-24 months. Help your child get the rest they need and restore peace and quiet to your household!

What's Inside

Be a Better Parent. Raise a Happier Child. Get More Sleep.

Sleeping for Newborns

Discover key best practices for your newborn including getting to sleep without tears, sleeping through the night, and avoiding the common pitfalls of sleep training.

Unique Sleep Psychology

Learn the psychology behind sleep at an early age so that you can connect with your little one and ensure their needs are being met.

A Sleep-Centric Lifestyle

Great sleep at night starts with building good habits in the day! From playtime, to feedings, to naps, our evidence-based approach will help you form healthy lifestyle habits with your little one.

Relief for the Whole Family

The Helping Babies Sleep Method is a valuable resource for your whole family. A child having sleep problems can affect everyone’s health and happiness. That’s why this book will help you address all of the following pain points:

  • No more sleepless nights.
  • No more spending hours trying to soothe a baby to sleep.
  • No more wondering if you’re doing the right thing.
  • No more negative effects of sleep deprivation.
  • No more cranky mornings and restless evenings.
  • No more begging your little one to go to sleep.
  • No more needless stress, tension, and frustration!
Toddler sleeping.

Sleep Solutions for Your Situation

The Helping Babies Sleep Method is filled with expert insights you won’t find anywhere else. From age-based instructions, to key tips for dealing with stress, this is the only book you’ll ever need on childhood sleep training. Access the resources that will allow you to have the happy family you’ve always dreamed of.

Hear What Readers Have to Say

Tracy Moulton Granlund
Second Time Determined Mom

“My first was a horrible sleeper. I was determined not to do that again. I implemented the Helping Newborns Sleep principles and now have a 9 week old that sleeps 11 hours with 1 feed! The method is simple and straightforward.”

Carrina Taylor
Previously Tired Parent

“This method has absolutely given me my confidence back. We went from having a chronically overtired baby and battling at every nap and bedtime to having an independent sleeper who sleeps 11-12 hours each night at 5 months old. I was so anxious to do sleep teaching but every one of my many questions were addressed in the book. I finally feel like myself again and I know I did the best thing I could ever do for my son which is really all I wanted. I highly recommend this book!”

Second Time Mom of a Great Sleeper

“Teaching my 15 month old to fall asleep without his bottle has been a game changer. He finally sleeps 11+ hours in the night without waking up. I highly recommend Helping Babies Sleep for anyone with a 1 year old struggling with sleep. We’re all so much happier. It’s never too late to work on sleep!”

About the Author

Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a chiropractor by training but found her passion empowering parents to teach their little ones to sleep and parent confidently day and night.  Her personal experience with a child who wouldn’t sleep, despite her healthcare background, ignited her passion for researching sleep.  She’s been working with babies since 2013 and has helped thousands of parents overcome their sleep challenges and feel even more confident in their parenting and sleep detective skills. Located in Silicon Valley, her clientele has included big tech executives, pediatricians, labour and delivery nurses and parents just like you. Their commonality: all smart, capable, resourceful people who didn’t know how to get their babies to sleep because having a great sleeper isn’t really that instinctual.  Parenting is a skill that can be taught.

What Are You Waiting For?

You want to feel like you’re rocking this parenting thing and completing meeting your baby’s needs in a connected and compassionate manner. With comprehensive sections devoted to bedtime, naps, night feeding, plus solutions to special circumstances like traveling, daylight savings time and reflux, The Helping Babies Sleep Method is the book you need to make that vision a reality.

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