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Helping Babies Sleep and Parents Thrive

Let's get sleep and feeding working for you, so you can get back to work.

Let me ask you something...
When you pictured parenthood, did it involve:
Having a baby that would only sleep in arms? 
Short, unsatisfying stretches of sleep that leave you wondering if this is “normal”? 
Losing yourself and your identity in the chaos of caretaking?
Of course not.
You imagined connecting deeply with your child.
Being present and energized as a parent.
And maintaining balance and fulfillment in your career and marriage too
I understand your sleepless nights and struggles with a crying baby. I've been there too.
As a sleep expert with 10+ years experience and certified lactation counselor, 
I've helped hundreds of parents like you transform these challenges into opportunities for growth.
Let's work together to pinpoint your family's obstacles.
With my proven process, we can help you get the sleep, feeding, and the parenting experience you deserve. 
Parenthood is hard, but with the right support, it can also be beautiful beyond your dreams.
Let this be the moment you take a leap of faith toward the family life you’ve always envisioned and
let go of limiting belief that you should be able to do this alone.

Who This Is For

Professional parents who want the very best health and development for their baby, to optimize the newborn stage and  sleep like they did before they had kids.

What You’ll Overcome

  • Babies who will only sleep while being held
  •  Anxiety ridden self doubt,  such as not knowing if something is “normal or not”  
  • Frequent night waking
  • Spending tons of time making sleep happen
  • Frustration or lack of ongoing support while breastfeeding


Long age appropriate stretches of sleep in the crib.
Avoid common parenting pitfalls, be very in tune with your baby's needs, thrive rather than just survive the newborn stage.

Meet Your Parenting Coach Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Dr. Sarah found her passion empowering parents to teach their little ones to sleep and parent confidently day and night as a sleep and parenting consultant. She coaches parents through sleeping, breast and bottle feeding and adapting to life as a parent with her evidence based and mindful approaches.

A chiropractor by training and a certified lactation counselor, she's also the author of the Amazon best selling book; The Helping Babies Sleep Method; The Art and Science of Teaching Your Baby to Sleep. She’s a member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and holds a coaching certificate through the NLP Institute of California. She works with busy parents who want to optimize health and sleep from the 1st month to 6 months and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Since 2013, she's helped thousands of families be confident, loving, attached and well-rested.

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Why Coaching in the Newborn Stage?

Working on sleep, feeding and play from the beginning can help you avoid the common parenting pitfalls people fall into and help you AVOID 'sleep training."  Our littles are more capable than we give them credit for.  With the proper guidance you can have your little one sleeping long age appropriate stretches in these first few months.

From birth to 6 months your child is growing exponentially. Their sleep and feeding patterns will be changing monthly. Just when you think you've got it all figured out your child will have a growth spurt or neurological leap that will have you wondering what's happening and if there's anything more you could be doing to help your baby and yourself.

Newborn sleeping

The Approach

Enter Dr. Sarah with her evidence based but also personalized approach. Her strengths lie in asking you questions about what your baby and family are doing and providing strategies that meet your situation developmentally but also emotionally. 

This is not a rigid approach but an educated, personalized, loving methodology which will vary depending on your needs and goals. 

This coaching package is for the parent who wants the very best for their baby and play a role in this beautiful, dynamic period. This package is suitable for those with or without night nannies, doulas or other caregivers.

Breast and Bottle Feeding

Goal: For breastfed or bottle fed babies we will develop a feeding flow to your day to move food out of the night at the soonest appropriate time for your child, given your circumstances. Dr. Sarah is a lactation counselor and was a board member of the Mothers Milk Bank of San Jose for 4 years. Introduction to solids including feeding schedules and meal ideas also provided.


Goal: Sleeping through the night as soon as physiologically possible. Understand sleep science, behavior and age appropriate milestones. Work on gentle newborn sleep shaping in the first 3 months to optimize sleep for the family and minimize the impact of the 4 month sleep regression. Have a clear understanding of sleep needs and schedules at each month of age.

Sensory Play

Goal: Optimize healthy development. Receive monthly suggestions on age appropriate sensory play activities to help your child thrive, and sleep well.


Goal: Address challenges and expectations that come up in your parenting journey and address them with mindful practices to minimize stress and conflict in your family and to enjoy parenthood to the fullest.

What our proud parents are saying:

Image of baby taking longer naps and sleeps more at night.
"I reached out when my baby was 8 weeks old. I was having to hold her for all naps and I was really drowning.
Within days of working with Sarah my daughter was able to nap in her bassinet.  Within a couple of weeks she was able to put herself to sleep.  By 14 weeks she was sleeping through the night 7:45 pm to 6 am. I was so proud of her.  Working with Sarah was the best parenting decisions I have made so far. Not only did she help me teach my little one to sleep, she gave me the confidence of adding new skills and how to trust my instincts more.  This coaching has been the most amazing gift I have given myself. "
Lauren B
  —  San Francisco, CA

Sleep and Parenting Concierge

Newborn sleeping

Your End Goal

    A loving, attached and well-rested baby old who sleeps through the night, has a predictable flow to her day.
    Parents who have thrived during this dynamic period, who have avoided common parenting pitfalls and who feel confident and equipped with tools to handle the upcoming developmental changes that can impact sleep and feeding.

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    "This has been a life changing experience!"
    Patty RN
      —  San Francisco, CA