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Blogs, podcasts, and videos are all great resources for moms looking to improve their child’s –– and family’s –– sleep habits. However, there really is no substitute for sitting down with a professional to discuss your unique situation in your own home. The best sleep solutions require custom care and recommendations, and at-home visits allow us to really get to know you, your child, and your sleep environment in a meaningful way. From there, we’ll be able to develop and implement a plan that suits your parenting style and addresses the issues you actually deal with every day!

If you've tried out other sleep techniques but haven't been successful, you're in the right place. Most of my clients have tried something on their own already without success. I know you want the best for your baby, and I'll work with you to make sure you get the results you're seeking. 

Use the calendar on this page to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. On this call, I'll hear about your sleep challenges and analyze why you're in this situation. From there, we'll make sure we're a good fit and talk about our goals for working together and what that would look like.

I'll be with you each step of the way in your baby's sleep journey.

How it works

What To Expect From a
Daytime Home Consultation


VIP Access

I’ll speak with you to discuss your most pressing issues for up to two hours in your home. Now’s your chance to ask any questions or raise any concerns –– I’m here to listen and help! Plus, I’ll be available on Google Sheets several times a day to answer any questions you may have about the process. And families who sign up for home visits get VIP access –– meaning if you need to chat today, I’ll make you a priority!


In-Home Assessment

We’ll spend up to two hours in your home to monitor and review your living situation. I’ll check out your rooms, beds, layouts, and cribs to help you craft the optimal sleep environment for your family. I'll  get to know your little one and their personality, and assess their core strength in order to make recommendations for their well-being and care. By taking time out to observe things like tummy time, as well as your family dynamic, I’ll be able to help guide you toward meaningful sleep solutions.


Follow-Up Access

After our one-on-one session, you’ll have greater access to me and my team over the following two weeks. Schedule up to five, 15-minute calls with me whenever you need them most! In addition, you’ll get all of the features of a virtual consultation plan as well. I’ll be there to check your daily progress several times a day. To close, we’ll end with an exit call to celebrate your achievements and to help you prepare you and your family for the next steps of the sleep-training process. 

$1797 Investment
Not covered by insurance. Consult your employer benefit plan for reimbursement options.

Within 30 min drive of 94043
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Benefits of an At-Home Consultation

When you sign up for an at-home daytime consultation, you can expect to benefit in a number of crucial ways as a result, including: 

  • Deep, healthy sleep for the whole family.
  • A better understanding of your child’s needs and preferences.
  • Long naps that keep your baby rested throughout the day.
  • The ability for your baby to get great sleep on their own in their crib.
  • Improved sleep environments.
  • Unique recommendations for your situation.
  • Freedom from stress and anxiety caused by sleeplessness!
  • Parenting skills to last you through the ages.
Work With Me
Personalized Sleep coaching

Which Package is Right For You?

All families and children are unique and require different levels of support. That's why I offer four different packages to meet your family's needs. In general I work with highly educated, executive parents looking for VIP customer service and expert support.  
Not sure which package is best for you?
Schedule a 20-minute discovery call and together we'll figure out which choice is best for your little one.

Virtual Coaching - $1497

What's included:
  • One 1 hour video call to review your custom plan
  • 3 weeks of follow up: 2 weeks of high touch with unlimited daily check ins on Google Sheets, 3rd week unlimited email access
  • Up to five 15 minute phone calls as needed
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Daytime Visit - $1797

What's included:
  • Same package as virtual coaching with the addition of up to 2 hours in your home within a 30 min drive of 94043
  • We can review tummy time, developmental play, breastfeeding and bottle feeding basics as needed.
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Half Night Visit - $2297

What's included:
  • 45 minute call to review your custom plan before the visit
  • In person coaching from 6 pm to 11 pm
  • 3 weeks of follow up: 2 weeks of high touch with unlimited daily check ins on Google Sheets, 3rd week unlimited email access
  • Up to five 15 minute phone calls as needed
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Overnight Visit - $2797

What's included:
  • 45 minute call to review your custom plan before the visit
  • In person coaching from 6 pm to 6 am
  • 3 weeks of follow up: 2 weeks of high touch with unlimited daily check ins on Google Sheets, 3rd week unlimited email access
  • Up to five 15 minute phone calls as needed
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What our happy parents are saying:

Image of baby taking longer naps and sleeps more at night.
"I was hesitant because of feeling like I 'should' be able to figure it on on my own. I decided to call Sarah anyways and was glad I did. I learned so much about sleep training! My son now falls asleep for naps and bedtimes right away,  takes longer naps, sleeps more at night
and sleeps past 6 am!"
Shana s.
  —  Palo Alto, CA
Image of 3 month child sleep training.
"We were hesitant about sleep training our 3.5 month old, Avi, given he was so young, but we were in a really bad place and needed a solution. After working with Sarah we got incredible results! We went from having to rock our son in our arms (standing up no less!) with a pacifier and putting him in a rock and play that rocked all night long, to being able to put him in his crib and having him fall asleep on his own!
Namita and Avi
  —  Menlo Park, CA
Image of mom from California.
“I had to rock or feed her at every wake up! I was exhausted but not sure how to make the right change for my baby. Sarah at Helping Babies Sleep was very warm and understanding and listened to my concerns. She  knew I did not want my baby to feel abandoned or hungry at night and came up with a plan that was not only good for my baby but for everyone at home.”
Rebecca S.
  —  California, CA
Image of 7 month old with gentle sleep transition.
"When we called Sarah we were all sleeping the night in the same bed and our 7 month old was still napping in a moving swing… None of us were sleeping very well and we were all so tired. We knew it had to change but wanted it to be a gentle transition. To our amazement it went surprisingly well and our son now sleeps through the night!! I would never have dreamed we’d be where we are today in only a few days!"
Lisa m.
  —  Ottawa, ON

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