Unlock Peaceful Nights with Dr. Sarah Mitchell

"Not Your Average Baby Sleep Consultant"

I actually hate the term sleep trainer or baby sleep consultant.  The work that we’re going to do together is so much more than that.  We will take a holistic approach focusing on Sleep, Feeding, Mindset and Development. 

We’ll promote peaceful nights for you and your child, but we’ll also work to boost your confidence, knowledge and skills that will serve you well on your parenting journey.

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Dr. Sarah Mitchell: More Than Just a Baby Sleep Consultant

You're tired... We can fix that while making you feel more connected to your family.

Being a parent can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to balance your family with work and other commitments. You don’t want to outsource the experience of parenthood, but you deserve a team to support you and your child to make it all easier.

Many parents think sleep should just come naturally and beat themselves up for not being able to figure it out easily with their children. In fact, that’s how this passion began for me! After my first baby, I was exhausted and became obsessed with learning how to get the best night’s sleep for me and my newborn. I did my research, found success and my new career was born.

By promoting healthy habits and effective tactics in lactation, sleep, development, and behavior, I can help you sleep just as soundly as you did before your bundle of joy arrived. It’s okay to ask for help, and I’ll be here for you if you need support.

baby sleep consultant Dr. Sarah Mitchell
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Why Choose Dr. Sarah Mitchell?

  • Member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine 
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Lactation Counselor, CLC
  • REI Theories and Foundations Graduate focusing on child development, attachment and independence 
  • Wink Sleep Member under the teachings of leading pediatric sleep researcher Dr. Michael Gradisar
  • Graduate of Lisa Paladino’s Tongue Tie Expert Course understanding oral function
  • Training in infant reflux solutions
  • Certified Coach in NLP Method to best empower parents
  • Best selling Amazon Author 
  • Former Board Member of the Mothers Milk Bank of San Jose 
  • Former Co-President of the Parents Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park 
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology
  • Over 10 years of experience and more than 1,000 families served 

Sleep Services

Virtual Coaching

As your personal baby sleep consultant, I will create a personalized two-week coaching plan where I will virtually guide you on how to help get you and your baby the rest you both deserve.

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Home Visits

For those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, home visits are available in the daytime or evening depending on your child's age and your needs.

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How it works

Become a Confident Parent of a Well-Rested and Happy Baby in 3 Simple Steps


Attend a Discovery Call

I want to learn all about your baby, your struggles, and your goals so I can tailor my approaches appropriately.


Receive Sleep and Parent Coaching

We’ll work together through a personalized plan to meet your and your baby’s needs.


Enjoy the Rest You & Your Baby Need

You can’t take care of a little one without taking care of yourself too. You both deserve a good night’s sleep every night.

Want to Learn More About My Methods?

Check Out My Best-Selling Book!

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How Dr. Sarah Mitchell Can Help You and Your Baby
  • Create an action plan instead of waiting and hoping things will improve
  • Stop feeling inferior as a parent after receiving dismissive answers
  • Gain the courage to try something new to help your baby with professional support
  • Overcome exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed like your life is falling apart
  • Have a baby that naps during the day and sleeps through the night
  • Stop spending hours researching how to get your baby to sleep
  • Remind you of what a restful night feels like
  • Avoid feelings of resentment toward your partner or child
  • Overcome daytime and nighttime feeding challenges for breast or bottle-fed babies
Work With Me
"We felt like we spent more time trying to help [our baby] get to sleep than anyone in our house actually spent sleeping. Now a few months later, she falls asleep within ten minutes unassisted without tears and sleeps eleven hours overnight. The support of Dr. Sarah made all the difference for my baby and me. She was so encouraging and helped guide us on the right path."
- Michelle
"Our baby was tired and cranky during the day so we were exhausted and just a stressed out mess. Working with Dr. Sarah has been so transformative. I almost can't even believe those results, but it's super real! My baby's sleeping through the night. My husband and I are getting rest."
- Leya
"The feelings of exhaustion were very overwhelming, feelings of how much longer could we sustain this. This program helped us in a tremendous way to enable our son to sleep independently. We've learned a lot of tools to help our son and renewed our own sense of confidence."
- Lauren
"The value of having Dr. Sarah there to troubleshoot issues and her encouraging me to be a good detective for my child has been such a rewarding experience. Not only was I able to teach my little one good sleep habits, but I was also a better parent to my daughter."
- Connie
"Working with Sarah was one of the best parenting decisions I have made so far. Not only did she help me teach my little one how to sleep, but she gave me the confidence boost that I needed in my parenting ability to trust my instincts. It shifted my relationship with my baby from survival to a focus on bonding."
- Lauren
"My 14-month old son was waking every 45 minutes to an hour, every single night on the dot. I couldn't even take a shower after he went to sleep. The first night we tried the program, he slept 11 hours and I thought the baby monitor was broken. It actually works and I'm so so appreciative of all of this."
- Laura
"Life with a great sleeper is transforming my mental health and my ability to be a good mother. It helps my relationship and helps me focus better at work. Thank you so much for this wonderful program. I have two amazing sleeps and I'm very grateful."
- Megan

What our happy parents are saying:

Image of baby taking longer naps and sleeps more at night.
"As a child development specialist, I was not expecting that I’d wind up needing to seek professional help with my 7-month-old baby’s sleep. But the truth is that my husband and I were beyond exhausted. We had tried a structured sleep program I had found online, but after 3 months of that, our baby was still waking up very frequently at night and taking short naps during the day. Sarah gave us options based on our family history and our baby’s temperament and development. In addition to guiding us through sleep training, Sarah taught us about age-appropriate feeding schedules and awake times. Not only does she now settle herself beautifully for nighttime and naps (with no pacifier!), but she has become more independent during her waking hours as well. Most importantly, our baby is still as happy and securely attached as ever. If you are struggling with sleep, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah. She knows her stuff and her methods work. Now that our coaching is complete, we feel confident using the techniques Sarah taught us and are so proud of our baby – and of ourselves as parents!
Stefanie paige wieder
  —  Nashua, NH
Image of 3 month child sleep training.
"We were hesitant about sleep training our 3.5 month old, Avi, given he was so young, but we were in a really bad place and needed a solution. After working with Sarah we got incredible results! We went from having to rock our son in our arms (standing up no less!) with a pacifier and putting him in a rock and play that rocked all night long, to being able to put him in his crib and having him fall asleep on his own!
Namita and Avi
  —  Menlo Park, CA
Image of mom from California.
“I had to rock or feed her at every wake up! I was exhausted but not sure how to make the right change for my baby. Sarah at Helping Babies Sleep was very warm and understanding and listened to my concerns. She  knew I did not want my baby to feel abandoned or hungry at night and came up with a plan that was not only good for my baby but for everyone at home.”
Rebecca S.
  —  California, CA
Image of 7 month old with gentle sleep transition.
"When we called Sarah we were all sleeping the night in the same bed and our 7 month old was still napping in a moving swing… None of us were sleeping very well and we were all so tired. We knew it had to change but wanted it to be a gentle transition. To our amazement it went surprisingly well and our son now sleeps through the night!! I would never have dreamed we’d be where we are today in only a few days!"
Lisa m.
  —  Ottawa, ON

Dr. Sarah Mitchell can provide so much more than baby sleep consultant services for your family.

If you want to say goodbye to sleepless nights, it all starts with an introductory call to begin the process.
You can be loving, attached, and well-rested. Schedule your call with me today!

Image of well rested infant after sleep training.