About Helping Babies Sleep & Dr. Sarah Mitchell

You're tired.

Why does something that like sleep (a very natural thing) seem to feel so very unnatural?

I have some good news for you...

It's news that will help you stop beating yourself up over not being able to figure this sleep thing out as a parent... it's new that should help you smile ear to ear...

Here it is:  The drive to sleep is biological, but HOW  we sleep is LEARNED.

With the right tools at your fingertips, we'll have your child sleeping in no time and you'll stop walking around feeling like a zombie all day.

How I Became a Sleep Consultant

This truly was the journey I lived. My little guy took forever getting to sleep, woke multiple times through the night, and caused exhaustion for our entire family.

I needed sleep so I became totally obsessed with finding real answers... because the answers all the kind hearted folks were giving me, were dismissive and patronizing.

Thankfully finding answers wasn't a problem for me... I'm a doctor!  I have 8 years of healthcare university education. I was trained to research, plan and solve. So I went to work, researching and studying, talking to the experts who knew the answers and implementing solutions.

I became totally obsessed because I needed sleep myself. That's when I found my passion to help people who were dealing with the same struggles.

Sarah Mitchell — founder
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My education

My 8 years of studying Kinesiology and my Doctor of Chiropractic degree taught me everything about the human body from head to tiny toe.

People think of Chiropractors as cracking and manipulations but that was only a small part of my education.  My coursework included obstetrics, pediatrics, child development, anatomy, physiology and nutrition just to name a few.

I know why your little one's poops are green, why your child makes those funny noises in her sleep and what your brain is doing at night while you're sleeping.

When you tell me your story, I've been trained and practiced to know when to ask more questions. And when you tell me "My gut says..." I'm going to lean in and listen more intently.

I can visualize what your baby's tongue is doing when he's nursing, what your milk ducts look like from the inside and the way your baby's colon is shaped in his tummy. I understand why your baby's gums hurt before the teeth cut through, why your toddler throws tantrums and why all humans wake in the night.

Having helped thousands of families, children with all types of temperaments and personalities, discovered the tools needed for better sleep, I can truly say we can  find solutions to why your little one isn't sleeping.

I'm also a certified lacation counselor with extra training in reflux and tongue ties.  I'm also a RIE theories and foundations graduate and certified NLP coach.

Work With Me
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Why Choose Dr. Sarah Mitchell?

  • Member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine 
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Lactation Counselor, CLC
  • REI Theories and Foundations Graduate focusing on child development, attachment and independence 
  • Wink Sleep Member under the teachings of leading pediatric sleep researcher Dr. Michael Gradisar
  • Graduate of Lisa Paladino’s Tongue Tie Expert Course understanding oral function
  • Training in infant reflux solutions
  • Certified Coach in NLP Method to best empower parents
  • Best selling Amazon Author 
  • Former Board Member of the Mothers Milk Bank of San Jose 
  • Former Co-President of the Parents Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park 
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology
  • Over 10 years of experience and more than 1,000 families served 

Do I believe in Cry it Out?

Parents often ask me if I do "Cry It Out" or CIO.  "Cry It Out" means to close the door and not return.

I don't believe in that as I believe every child deserves to be heard and acknowledged. I practice RIE parenting.

However, whenever you are changing something on your child, there will be some tears as she expresses frustration at having to learn a new way of falling asleep.

I can teach you how to comfort those tears.  I draw from a variety of techniques in creating sleep plans.

My program is not a cookie-cutter approach with fixed schedules. These approaches can set a gal up to fail.

What do you do on a bad day when things don’t meet the textbook’s plan or your baby doesn't nap as long as she's "supposed" to? These types of programs left me feeling discouraged and inadequate.

I can teach you the parenting skills to solve your current sleep issues, but also manage sleep challenges that come up down the road as your child grows through different phases.

I will teach you how to set you and your child up for success.

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Is this a super strict plan that's hard to follow?

I feel “fixed schedules” where 9 am is always nap time can set a parent up to fail, because they are based on the idea that you can control how long a child naps for. You can’t always do that.  I teach a flexible schedule.  This will teach you parenting skills to handle any sleep situation.  My clients have said that it is not super strict, and surprisingly easy to implement. These parenting skills that I will teach you will enable you to handle any sleep blip down the road.

How quick should I see results?

You should see changes happening in the first 1 to 2 days. Many families are well on their way by day 7 and the 2nd week is tweaking small things. Night time sleep typically improves first followed by naps on day 3-4.

I am worried about letting my baby cry. Should I be?

This is a completely natural feeling, no parent wants to hear their child cry.  The drive to sleep is biological, but the way we sleep is learned.  Currently your baby has a set way of what sleep looks like.  Commonly this looks like falling asleep with help from being rocked, a pacifier or feeding.  Whenever you try and change that your baby will protest that they way she falls asleep is changing and doesn’t know what to do.  This will manifest with tears.  I will teach you how to offer comfort to the tears while being in the room with her.  I will help you manage the tears and I have experience to know what is too much crying.  

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, when you schedule a call we’ll talk about my sleep guarantee.

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