About Sarah

You're tired.

You need your baby to get more sleep, with less effort.

You're probably confused about how to help your baby sleep.

Getting your baby to sleep should be "natural" but it seems so "unnatural."

On this crazy parenting journey you're on, you just want to do what's right for your baby and family.

I felt the same way when I was trying to figure out how to get my son to sleep.

How I Became a Sleep Consultant

I've was so in love with my little guy, but it took forever to get him to fall asleep and then he woke multiple times through the night.  I was exhausted.

I became totally obsessed. I needed sleep.   

If you want to learn more about my journey, you can read my blog post: How I Failed at Attachment Parenting.

Bay Area Sleep Consultant

Since 2013, I've helped thousands of  families,

and children of different ages and temperaments,

become well-rested and happier.


My training as a chiropractor allows me to understand humans from cell to society.  I have studied anatomy/physiology, child development, pediatrics and psychology in an academic university setting.

My clinical skills training on history taking,  making assessments and implement plans have helped me be a compassionate and efficient practitioner.

Parents often ask me if I do "Cry It Out" or CIO.  "Cry It Out" means to close the door and not return.  I don't believe in that as I believe every child deserves to be heard and acknowledged.

However, whenever you are changing something on your child, there will be some tears as she expresses frustration at having to learn a new way of falling asleep.

I can teach you how to comfort those tears.  I draw from a variety of techniques in creating sleep plans.

My program is not a cookie-cutter approach with fixed schedules.

These approaches can set a gal up to fail.

What do you do on a bad day when things don’t meet the textbook’s plan? You would be lost.

I will teach you the skills to read and meet your child’s needs.

I will teach you how to set your child up for success.

I will support you along the journey either in my online course or private sleep coaching.

A Canadian, born and raised in Ottawa, ON, I currently live in

Mountain View, California with my husband and two kids.

In my spare time, I'm passionate about connecting people and making a difference in the life of a parent.

I'm the Secretary on the Board of Directors at the Mother’s Milk Bank of San Jose whose mission is to enhance the use and availability of breast milk to all babies in need.

I am a Co-President of the Parents Group of Palo Alto and Menlo Park where I help parents engage in their community and form friendships.